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Nicholas Air – Jet Card / Private Jet Shares / Fractional Jet Aircraft Programs

For over 17 years, Nicholas Air has been the premier private jet company providing both individuals and corporations with a variety of options, allowing easy access to a private jet service. Nicholas Air programs are simple, easy-to-use, and allow flexible and customizable options for safe and efficient private air travel.

Jet Card – Nicholas Air Jet Cards offer travelers the ability to purchase flight time in 15, 30, or 60 hour increments.

Aircraft Lease – The Nicholas Air aircraft lease program offers the benefits of fractional jet ownership without the investment risk through monthly payments and 12 or 24 month lease terms.

Fractional Jet Ownership – Nicholas Air fractional aircraft ownership includes all the benefits of owning a private jet but at a fraction of the cost. Purchase a share in a particular private jet aircraft that is directly proportional to the average number of hours you fly per year.

Aircraft Management - Nicholas Air offers comprehensive whole aircraft management services which allow you to purchase an aircraft, share joint ownership of an aircraft with a partner, or lets Nicholas Air manage your currently owned aircraft.

Highest Safety Standards - Our safety record, experience in the aircraft industry, and dedication to the finest details is what Nicholas Air is known for. Pilots undergo stringent training requirements and have an average of 10,000 hours of experience.

Access - The typical corporate jet can reach 5,500 airports. Nicholas Air’s fleet of Pilatus PC-12’s, Phenom 100’s, and Phenom 300’s, can safety operate in and out of 9,000+ airports in the U.S. alone, getting you closer to your actual destination.

Whether you’re looking for a Jet Card, Jet Lease, Jet Charter, Fractional Jet Ownership, Jet Share, or Private Jet Management, Nicholas Air has 17 years of excellence in the aviation industry with a perfect safety record.



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